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Supplement tabs (newspaper jargon for tabloid) are separate from the full size newspaper and are inserted into the fold. The News & Observer NIE program is proud to offer the following educational tabs at no charge to all NIE students, parents and teachers.

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NC State Fair 2018
Nothing Could Be Finer

Learn about apples, being a beekeeper, how to win a robotics contest, the legend of Smokey Bear, the science of roller coasters and much more in this 12-page supplement sponsored by the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs.

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NC State Fair 2016
Nothing Could Be Finer

Learn how to help pollinators by growing a garden, solve the N.C. State Fair crossword puzzle, meet the Fair’s Kid Competitors, read about giant pumpkins, discover the new State Fair Flyer and more! Sponsored by the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

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NC State Fair 2014
The October Original

Celebrate the year of the horse, explore the science of ice cream, read about giant pumpkins, learn about technologies that are advancing agriculture and more! Sponsored by the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

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The science, technology, engineering and math of golf

This student supplement and companion teacher guide are part of a multi-media educational package fueling hands-on, minds-on STEM learning experiences that investigate the exciting science behind the game of golf.

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Vote. North Carolina

This supplement includes 8 lessons that cover topics on the North Carolina State government. Discover facts about North Carolina’s CEO, The Governor, the other nine elected offices, how election results are analyzed across the state, and steps on how to vote.

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Mothers of the Movement - Women Who Made African American History

As the Civil Rights Movement grew and gained success, it opened doors not only for African American women but for all women who were seeking change in America. This supplement features the profiles and successes of 24 women who made their mark in American History.

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Fire Prevention Week 2011

You can protect your family from fire hazards – and become an official member of Sparky’s Fire Prevention Week safety team – by using this educational activity supplement.

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American Civics Flipbook

Civics is a subject that touches every person’s life. It teaches the value of being an active citizen in the community. It teaches the importance of taking part in politics and helping to choose the leaders of local, state and national government. It teaches how laws shape society and how they protect individuals. It teaches how the rights granted by government come with responsibilities not to abuse those rights.

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Fine Art Flip Book

Art can be beautiful. Art can be frightening. Art can be provocative. Art can tell a story. Art can lighten our mood or make us feel better. Art can make us think. Art can change our lives.

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Living Life Online

You text, you play games, you share photos and video. You update your status, you post comments, you may spend some time in a virtual world. 

Being connected online is how you live your life. And as you spend more and more of your time there, it can be easy to over-share, embarrass yourself, mess up your computer, and possibly get messages from creepy people. The truth is that there are some risks involved in socializing, playing, and communicating online. 

Asking a few key questions first can help you protect yourself, your friends, and your computer. Keep reading to find out about a few things to stop and think about before you click and connect.

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Explore North Carolina: Basketry Traditions of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Basketry is the most well-known form of Eastern Cherokee crafts. Baskets were traditionally used in nearly every aspect of Cherokee daily life—farming, cooking, bartering, household tasks, ceremonial rituals, and even games.

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Earth Now: Earth-friendly Energy

Learn about great earth-friendly energy options for the future – including ways you and your family can start making a difference in your energy choices for our environment NOW!

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Fire Prevention Week 2009

North Carolina is one of 27 states to proclaim September Campus Fire Safety Month. This event encourages schools across the nation to raise awareness among their students on fire safety issues. This supplement has fire safety activities that cover topics such as mapping an escape route, tips for babysitters, hidden fire hazards, and home sprinkler systems.

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@ the Zoo with The North Carolina Zoo Society

North Carolina lies at the heart of salamander country. More different kinds of salamanders live here than anywhere else in the world!

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Weather Tracker

Weather is all about air and water. The air changes around you every day. It’s hot, cold, dry, wet, still or moving. The temperature, wind speed and direction, air (barometric) pressure, precipitation and humidity are all created by air and the way water changes in the air. Without water, there would be no clouds, rain, thunder, fog or snow. 

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North Carolina Agriculture... Something to Crow About!

Perhaps you are thinking, “Why do I need to know anything about agriculture? I’m not going to be a farmer.” Well, there is a very simple answer — everything you eat and wear comes from a farm! Agriculture is all around you... from the foods you eat... to the clothes you wear... to the toothpaste on your toothbrush every morning... even the sheets you sleep on each night come from agriculture. All these things and many more start from plants or animals raised on farms either in North Carolina, another state in the United States or some other country. 

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North Carolina’s Natural Network - How Do we Keep it Together?

North Carolina’s landscape is changing rapidly to support more than 4 million new residents expected to live here by 2030. Growth and development will continue, so it is important to manage the pattern of development so our state can preserve the open, green space that makes it such a great place to live. 

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Pirates of North Carolina

North Carolina’s coast is filled with exciting stories of pirates all along the coast! This supplement provides you with a unique opportunity to motivate your students. You can use this supplement to teach language development, reading, math, and current events. Activities in this section were written for students in grades 2-6, but many can be adapted for younger or older students. 

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The Road to... Clean Air

People often don’t think about the air unless they notice problems such as smoke, haze or bad odors. That’s too bad. Consider this: humans can live for days without water and weeks without food, but only a few minutes without air. If your drinking water was dirty, you could buy bottled water. But what would you do if the air was unhealthy to breathe? 

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Stormwater Pollution

When it rains, some of the rainwater soaks into the ground, and part of it flows over the ground and directly into creeks, streams or rivers.

This water that runs off into the river is called runoff, or sometimes stormwater runoff. Clever, huh? 

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Fire Prevention Week 2006

Take a moment to sit with your family or co-workers and review the Safety check-list in this publication. Take positive action to correct any hazards that are noted. Check the operation of smoke alarms on a regular time-table and install where needed. If assistance is needed, do not hesitate to seek help at your neighborhood firehouse. If a fire does occur, GET OUT! And call 9-1-1 for help. 

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  • Civil Rights
  • Fine Art
  • Weather
  • Fire Prevention
  • North Carolina History
  • Pirates of North Carolina
  • NC Zoo & Animals
  • NC Agriculture
  • NC Environment
  • Recycling
  • Math
  • Writing
  • William Shakespeare