Lesson Plans

Through the NIE program over 300 instructional resources are provided to NIE teachers, free of charge, including high quality teacher guides, education materials, numerous subject-specific resources, video & audio teacher training modules, and the popular NIE Instructional Calendar. (IWB - For Interactive White Board files.)

These resources address the research- and standards-based curriculum focus of schools and educators. There are curriculum materials available for every subject area and grade level. All resources may be downloaded, printed and copied for classroom use or for homework assignments.

Sample Lesson Plans
Most of the NIE curriculum guides contain lesson plans. Below are four examples covering a range of subject areas and grade levels.

"Alphabet Safari II" (K — 2) Uses African animals to teach the alphabet A-Z with coloring-book graphics.

"Unique You" (3 — 5) Stresses the importance of character development, cooperation, fairness, honesty, respect and other traits.

"Speaking Of Language..." (ESL) A guide to using the newspaper for English as a second language studies. It contains seven sections, which include Structure, Speaking, Listening Comprehension, Writing, Reading, Culture and Vocabulary. An extensive implementation plan is also included to provide special direction to the second language teacher or tutor.

"Environmental Awareness" (4 — 12) This EGBAR Foundation Environmental Awareness Curriculum is designed to educate children with the use of the newspaper. Most of the lessons included in the curriculum involve cut and paste activities. This design allowed the curriculum to virtually never become outdated due to the current topics offered by the newspaper.

Elections, Politics & Government Lesson Plans

This NIE exclusive curriculum is designed to engage students on the topics of government, politics, and elections. Featuring 4 lessons on the following topics: national and local government structures, political parties, bills & laws, campaigns & candidates, and voting.

Fake News Lesson Series

This curriculum is designed to help you teach your students about media literacy. The four lessons can be integrated into your curriculum either daily for a week of focused study, once-a-week for a month of focused study, or once-a-month throughout the school year.