If you are a new NIE teacher or if you have been using the newspaper for years, these tips can help make the experience of using The News & Observer e-edition in your classroom run smoothly.

Develop a Strategy
What do you want to accomplish with your students by using the newspaper? Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Download activity sheets and use them as warm-ups at the beginning of a class.
  • Have a "news stand" computer or tablet set up with the latest edition of the newspaper available as an option for independent reading.
  • Clip an article with content that aligns with your current curriculum or subject area (weather, NC history, elections, etc.) and then use one of the 300+ educational resources as a lesson.
Use the newspaper as a visual tool to teach newspaper layout. Then create a weekly or monthly classroom newspaper where students can reflect on what they have learned and share news about their classroom experience.
Review Newspaper Content Before the Lesson
This is very important! The newspaper often features mature and controversial subject material that may be inappropriate for younger age groups. You should always look over the newspaper or article that you are planning on using before your students see it. Newspaper articles can be very good conversation starters, but an unexpected inappropriate headline or advertisement may distract or upset your students.
Break Down Language Barriers
If you work with multilingual students, the e-edition can supercharge your lessons! To use the included translation feature, double click on your selection and then click on the Translate button in the pop-up window. This feature gives you the option to translate an article or advertisement into over 70 different languages.
Your Classroom Print Shop
You can easily print and distribute content from the e-edition. To print entire pages click on the printer icon at the top of the menu bar. To print an individual articles, photo or advertisements, double click on your selection and click the printer icon from the new pop-up window.
Search the Newspaper in Seconds (View e-edition Search Guide)
Use the Search tab located on the upper left side of the menu bar to search for a keyword or phrase. Use the drop downs to easily look up articles, ads or pictures in the current issue or issues from the past week. The Last Week tab will show front pages from the past 8 days. The Archive tab will open a new window and allow you to search through editions of the News & Observer that date back to 1990.

What is an e-edition?
The e-edition is an exact replica of the newspaper. The daily contents of The News & Observer are transmitted electronically and available to you at any computer or iPad with an internet connection.
What do I need to read the N&O e-edition?
All you need is your account login, Internet access, and a standard Internet browser.
Can I use it for homework?
Yes! Since the N&O e-edition is accessible 24/7 through any computer or tablet with Internet access, students can read it at home or at a library. They can easily share the newspaper with their families (even families who do not subscribe to the N&O and work together to complete assignments with real world connections while they are away from the classroom. 
When will my subscription be available?
After you complete the registration you will be able to access the paper anywhere you have a computer and Internet access, any time of the day or night. The e-edition is available by 4:00 am each morning.
Have more questions?
Call the N&O NIE manager at (919) 829-8921 or send an email to nie@newsobserver.com.