Expand Learning from the Classroom to the Home Parent Newspaper Guide
Howling for Home

Discover the Value of Reading the Newspaper Together

You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You play a vital role in developing your child’s attitude about learning and success in reading and thinking skills.

Children learn best when parents are interested and involved in their education. Many parents have found that looking through and reading the newspaper is an easy, enjoyable way to read, talk and think together with their children.

Seeing a parent read the newspaper every day motivates a child to want to do the same – read and learn. The newspaper is both an inexpensive and rich source of information you can share with your child.

The Parent Newspaper Guide offers suggestions on how to use the News & Observer to reinforce what's being taught in school, talk about shared interests, work together to complete newspaper-based activities that center around your community, and much more. 

Best of all, the online access to our e-edition and resources is FREE of charge to all NIE students!

Ready to learn more about NIE? You can download the Parent Newspaper Guide here!

Multilingual home? Download Guía Del Periódico Para Los Padres, Spanish language edition here!

Explore History Through The News & Observer Archives

Does history really repeat itself? Now you and your students can find the answer!

As a parent of an NIE student, you have one-click access to the newspaper from the past 7 days and by clicking the Archive tab in the e-edition you can browse, search and read full-text articles from the N&O archive that date back to 1990.

Enhance your childs' research capabilities or look back just for fun.