The News & Observer e-edition is an easy to use, exact digital replica of the printed paper, available online every morning by 4:00 am. Through NIE it is free of charge to teachers and students statewide! Capture your students' attention in the classroom by reaching them where they live – in an increasingly digital world.

The complete paper including every article, photograph, advertisement, comics, and even puzzles are automatically delivered to your favorite web browser every day.

Go to, complete the form and click "Sign up" to register for a new account and place your order today!

You will see the paper through a browser on your personal computer and it requires NO extra software or downloads.

The e-edition has many features and benefits including the ability to search, view individual articles, photos and advertisements, email, print or save articles and ads. With a click of the mouse, you can zoom in and enlarge an article or advertisement for easy viewing.

The e-edition works best with high-speed Internet connections (Cable, DSL), but works with any kind of connection you have. It is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5 (or later) but works with virtually any browser on both PC and Mac platforms.

Top 10 Reasons to Use the N&O e-edition

10. It's Current
Newspapers are "living textbooks," reporting history as it happens and creating interest in current events through eye catching photos and engaging copy that will improve students' knowledge of the world we live in and their critical thinking skills.

9. It's Easy
You don’t have to locate, lift, carry, recycle or dispose of daily bundles of the paper.

8. It Inspires Independence
Lessons with the newspaper contribute to independent reading, individual character development and critical thinking. with the e-edition students' can discuss their thoughts on articles and then share comments on classroom social media platforms. 

7. Translation Feature Included
If you teach a foreign language or have multilingual students, break down language barriers with the e-edition. The translation feature gives you the option to translate an article or ad into 70 different languages.

6. Ability to Explore the Past
Enhance research capabilities with our archives. As an NIE teacher, you have one-click access to the newspaper for the past 7 days. You also have access to the N&O archive back to 1991.

5. Shareable
It's easy to save, e-mail and print articles. To email simply click on the envelope icon, and an e-mail form pops up. Or select the print icon to make your own copy.

4. Quick Search
Want to immediately know if there is a story or ad that is of interest to you and your students? Just type in a search term and find out.

3. Access it Anywhere
Use the e-edition in the classroom, media center, local library, outside on iPads, at home, or anywhere else with an internet connection or wifi. 

2. Easy to Read
See the paper exactly as it appears in print. Skim headlines and sections. When you want to read an article, click the headline for an enlarged view or use full-screen viewing for easy reading.

1. Convenience
Get the paper anywhere you have a computer and Internet access, anytime of the day or night. The paper is available by 4:00am each morning.

Download this list to print and share in the teachers lounge at your school!