The activities on this page will show you how to use the newspaper to learn more about your child’s interests and views about the world, encourage and build an appreciation for reading and learning and reinforce what’s being taught in school.

100 Ways to Use the Newspaper (PDF)

1. Front Page Talking Points
Use the front page as an ice breaker. Read today's headlines and articles together. Ask your child his or her opinion on the news and issues that are on the front page.

2. Category Search
Looking through the newspaper, ask your child to find examples items that fit a category. For example: Foods I like. Clothes I like to wear. Toys I like to play with.

3. Right vs. Wrong
Read an article with your child about a person who has broken the law. “What has the person done?” “What might happen to the person?” “Is the law a good one?“ “What could this person have done differently?” 

4. Turn of Phrase
Discuss the word "cliche" (a trite phrase or expression). Have your child skim the newspaper for examples of cliches and ask what other words or expressions could replace them.

5. Groupon
Let your child clip coupons/sale ads from the newspaper. Let the child group the coupons in categories like types of products, colors, or size. Can they discover a new way to group them?

6. 20 Questions
Play 20 questions as you look at a page together: "I’m looking at a word that starts with ‘B’ and is in the first column." Talk about what the word means after the child finds it.

7. Jobs that Work
Encourage your child to search through the "Help Wanted" section of the classified ads. Let the child pick a job that sounds appealing and talk about the education needed to get that job.

8. Traveling the Globe
Find stories from different locations in the U.S. or world. Have your child find them on a map. Talk about how you would get to each location.

9. Similar Opposites
Use the newspaper to learn more about opposites: win/lose,rich/poor, night/day, happy/sad. Find as many opposites as you can using both words and pictures. Choose a pair of opposites like night/day and find pictures of things that happen in the daytime or at night.

10. Kids in the Kitchen
Using the newspaper’s food section, choose a recipe with your child. Prepare it together, asking your child to help you read the directions. Then, serve it to family or friends. 

11. A lot of Adjectives!
Have your child choose an object pictured in the newspaper and describe it to you. See if you can correctly identify it based on your child’s description.

12. Daily Weather
Read the newspaper’s weather forecast. Look for pictures that illustrate different weather conditions. Look at the forecast for tomorrow and help your child select appropriate clothes to wear. Or use the weather map to learn more about weather in other places. For example, “What is the weather like where Grandpa lives?” 

13. Help Your Community
Find a story or picture of a group of people who need help (for example, victims of a fire or flood, the homeless, people in a hospital). Discuss reactions to these people and their situations. Talk about ways your family might help by spending time, sharing talents or even contributing money.