NIE has gone digital and is available in more classrooms than ever before!

The News & Observer's News in Education program offers access to our e-edition, a daily exact replica of The News & Observer online - FREE of charge to students and teachers.

In The News & Observer's primary delivery area (Wake, Durham, Orange, and Johnston counties), print editions are still available for a charge of $0.25 cents per copy. In surrounding counties where delivery costs have become even more exorbitant, schools can only order the e-edition.

You can register for a new account, place an order for the current school year, manage your account and access the e-edition all from the newly updated NIE website.

Here is a helpful guide to the 5 step registration process: 

Step 1: Register for a New Account
Begin by clicking this link that will take you to the NIE sign up page. Fill out all of the required fields including login, email, password, and your name.

Select a unique teacher login and password for security purposes. This is the login that you will use to manage your subscription orders. (Later on you will create a different login and password that will allow you and your students to access the e-edition). 

When you have finished, click the "Sign Up" button at the end of the sign-up form.

Step 2: Confirm You Account
After you see the "New Account - Thank You" page, you will need to check your email inbox for a confirmation link. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account. 

Step 3: Place a New Order
You should now see the main menu page of the NIE teacher registration system. Click on the "Place new order" button to place your order.

On the next screen, you will select your school and the calendar on which you teach. If yours is a 12-month position in a year-round school, select track 5. Enter your phone number at the school, the grades you teach, and the TOTAL number of students that you teach.

Next you will set your subscription schedule. The Subscription Schedule screen allows you to determine how long you want your subscriptions to last. Enter your start and stop date and days of week that you want to order. (The default will be the day you order through the last day of the school year.)

Next, choose a student password that is different than the teacher that you created in step #1. This password will be used by you and your students to access the e-edition from school or home. 

NOTE: If your school is located within The News & Observer's primary delivery area (Wake, Durham, Orange, and Johnston counties), print editions are available for a charge of $0.25 cents per copy. Select the option for a print subscription or e-edition only.

Next, indicate the number of copies you want to receive. If you choose to use the e-edition you must order a minimum of 10 copies and a minimum of 5 copies for a print subscription.

Step 4: Terms & Conditions and Payment
Agree to the terms & conditions listed and then select Continue. If you selected to order print copies, payment of $0.25 cents per copy will be due at the time of your order. It is payable by credit card only.

Step 5: Submit Your Order & Activate Your Digital Access
You will now see a Subscription Confirmation page outlining the details of your order. If everything looks good, click "Submit Order" to finalize your order. You will receive an email confirmation of your subscription.

To activate your NIE Account through Press+ go to and use your school email address and the student password.

Download the NIE Account Activation Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account with images.

NOTE: If you selected the print option, please allow 5 working days to process your order and start your newspaper delivery.